Вторият представител от косплей журито ни на AniFest 2022, е една прекрасна дама, която идва от не толкова далечната Чехия специално за събитието ни!!

Запознайте се с Kate Tyler Cosplay!!!



My name is Kate, nice to meet you!


I am a cosplayer from the Czech Republic and I do this hobby for more than seven years. I also study acting at Prague university. I specialize in role-play.

I love to compete and have won numerous awards for the past few years.

Among my biggest accomplishments I count a 3rd place at European Cosplay Gathering at Japan Expo in Paris (duo cosplay), 1st place at Animefest in Brno, best roleplay award at Comic Salon in Bratislava, best cosplay video by people’s and judge’s choice at Animefest Brno and many more!

I also love to make cosplay videos and do duo cosplays with my cospartner Tery!

Meet me at my cosplay booth, come to my panel about roleplay or our panel about cosplay videos!

Can’t wait to see you all!



Instagram: @kate_tyler_cosplay

Youtube: What Am I Even Doing Here

Tiktok: kate_tyler_cosplay