Тази година освен звездното ни косплей жури, ще имаме и специален косплей гост, още една прекрасна дама от Чехия, която ще зарадва посетители на AniFest 2022 със свои подбрани артикули на щанда си.. и едва съвместна презентация, която ще обявим съвсем скоро, но първо…


Запознайте се с Tery Cosplay!!



My name is Tery and I’m a cosplayer from the Czech Republic.

I do cosplay for about 6 years now and I consider it as my biggest hobby.

I am also currently studying graphic design and visual communication at university. Over the years I cosplayed many characters from anime, videogames, movies and etc.

My next great passion is making cosplay videos with my team called „What Am I Even Doing Here?”

I’ve participated in many cosplay competitions over the years.


My biggest achievements are:

3. place at European Cosplay Gathering 2022 at Japan Expo (group category)

1. place at Animefest 2022 (group category)

1. place + people’s choice at Animefest 2019 (cosplay video)


I’m so excited to be a part of this event!

I can’t wait to meet you all, I hope you’ll come visit my booth and say – Hi!



Instagram: @tery.cosplay