Who put the “play” in cosplay?


Още една много интересна презентация, която ще можете да видите само на AniFest 2022 ще бъде представена от един от членовете на косплей журито, а именно от – Kate Tyler Cosplay… 


Who put the „play“ in cosplay?


Take your costumes to the next level!

Roleplay is the way to do it!

Kate will talk you through some basic tips and techniques, as well as types of acting and where and how to use them.

We will be discussing social media, cons, and competitions!


Hi everyone!

I am Kate!

I do cosplay for about eight years now. I also study acting on a university in Prague, so I hope I’ll be able to share some of my knowledge about acting and roleplaying with you!”


Instagram: @kate_tyler_cosplay

Youtube: What Am I Even Doing Here

Tiktok: kate_tyler_cosplay